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Land Renewal and Land Reclaimed debates

THURSDAY 21ST APRIL 19.00 – 21.00

La TORTILLA ,upstairs,Castle St. INVERNESS. RSVP



Concentrated ownership, Secret land trusts, Tax breaks, Carbon leakage and Depopulation


Diversity, Transparency and Appropriate Taxing that increases resident families, living in eco-friendly homes, harnessing local food and clean energy with carbon reduction targets


PETER HETHERINGTON, author of Land Renewed – reworking the countryside Pub. Bristol University Press


ROB GIBSON, author of Reclaiming Our Land

Pub. Highland Heritage Educational Trust

Peter is a former Scotland Correspondent of The Guardian and, subsequently, northern and regional affairs editor of that newspaper. He is past chair of the Town and Country Planning Assn and the author of several books including Whose Land is Our Land? (2015) and, recently, Land Renewed (Bristol University Press). He now lives in Northumberland, where he is a member of a county council panel examining the future of farming and the countryside.

Rob has been a land reform campaigner since student days, as Cllr in Ross & Cromarty District 1988-96 and MSP 2003 to 2016. He convened the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Comm. 2011-16 steering aspects of Community Empowerment Act 2015 and the Land Reform Act 2016.

Since retiring he was elected to the board of Lochbroom Community Renewables, near Ullapool which he chairs since 2019. LCR are seeking to buy out the land lease for their run of river hydro from Forestry and Land Scotland and encourage affordable homes and woodland crofts.

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