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Toppling the Duke - Outrage on Ben Bhraggie?

Due to the debate about slavery and the link to associated statues there is also the link of slavery money funding huge land purchases and in turn leading to the clearance of thousands from their native places to make way for sheep.

My book in 1996 told the story of a planning application lodged to remove the statue of the Duke of Sutherland from his plinth overlooking Golspie. I have sold the last of the paper copies this week.

I am happy to send an E book link for £3 payable to Highland Heritage Educational Trust which published the original, if you wish to buy a copy. Email and we will provide Bacs details for payment.

Below I attach images of the original cover and internal illustrations. Their provenance is explained in the book. John Paul Photography, Inverness took the aerial shot of the statue; the cartoon appeared in the magazine Green Scotland; the drawing of the distant view is from the Memoir of the 1st Duke of Sutherland by James Loch MP; I took the colour photo of the statue on the day we posted the planning notice, 18 October 1994.

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