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Human rights to our land

Is it legitimate to disturb property rights? Is it legitimate not to? Dr Kirsteen Shields, New Statesman, 14 December 2015 The European...

Most of Scotland is underwater

Not even our rivers run free. Misquote from Mickey MacConnell’s 1965 song, Only Our Rivers Run Free The Scotland that lies under water...

Deer impact across Scotland

Deer impact across Scotland Beyond the common grazing, on the deer ground they call Wild Land, that’s our domestic space. It is where we...

Tenant farmers, factors and landlords

It’s the land. It is our wisdom. It’s the land. It shines us through. It’s the land. It feeds our children. It’s the land. You cannot own...

Land Reform takes off - 1999 to 2011

Land reform takes off 1999 to 2011 A remarkable degree of agreement is now developing about what needs to change and about the broad...

Lochaber - hoping for the wheel to turn

"Land, sky, and loch spoke of the vanished people and their last enterprise - their first and last, when far Lochaber almost imposed a...

Hostile Tory land - Thatcher in the 1980s

Ach ‘s e sealladh leòinte is gann Tha an seo aig ceann thall an linn Talaimh àlainn nan daoine Fhathast an làmhan duine no dithis. But it...

Introduction to Reclaiming Our Land

Despite it having been my plan for some years, retiring as an MSP was still a real wrench. This was eased somewhat by a sense of having...

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